Sienna Miller at the Cannes film festival

Jan 4, 2017 @ 3:04 pm

Cannes juror Sienna Miller shows us exactly how to dress for the Riviera.

To day one of Cannes where, body language aside (Jake Gyllenhaal is just nightcrawling his way into Sienna Miller’s heart, am I right?), juror number one has already gone full French. Miller’s off-shoulder dress, modelled loosely on a Vienetta in a dirty, ashy colour, is widely referred to as having a “Bardot” neckline.

It is also a key trend for summer 2015 and is ideal if you’re planning to spend 87% of your working week sitting in film screenings or hidden behind a giant desk doing press conferences. Given Miller’s relationship with the press, we’re terrified to say anything else, but it’s actually true. As the French never say: elle est une miel totale.

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