Floppy Sun Hat with Bow Tie

DRY77 Large Sized Floppy Sun Hat with Bow Tie (Apparel)

Features: Size: One Size Fits Most (Approx. 7.5 in in Diameter and 60 cm in Circumference), Material: 100% Paper, Great for the Sunny Summer Beach and Going Out. Large Brim to protect your from the Sun., WARNING! The Bow Tie on the hat varies (randomly picked), will be different from what is pictured!, For Fashionable People Only!
Classic and elegant floppy hats are the one of most popular women hats in the fashion trends this year.
List Price: $4.99
New From: $4.99 – $4.99
Used from: Out of Stock
Variations: (Color):
Hot PinkNew from $4.99 USD
TurquoiseNew from $4.99 USD

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